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Balloon Dude by Alan-G-Brandon



Pooto is a Remlesses sent by Phrax to fight Super Sailor Moon. He has the appearance of a humanoid balloon, and is completely round when fully inflated, and suffocates his victims. When Phrax targeted Veruca to look for Avalon in her dreams, Sailor Moon and Taylor Chibi Moon came to stop him, so he summoned Pooto to kill them. Pooto tried to suffocate Taylor Chibi Moon, but was thrown off her by Sailor Moon, and then went after Snake, but Sailor Moon jumped in front of him and was nearly suffocated, when Snake stabbed him with a knife that Phrax had earlier used to pin him to the ground. Pooto was deflated because of this. Taylor Chibi Moon then summoned Avalon with Shield of Willpower, and Sailor Moon destroyed Pooto with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Before his death, whilst suffocation Taylor Chibi Moon, he noticed the kindness in Taylor Chibi Moon's heart, since he's nothing more than a minion to Phrax, had cleansed Pooto's heart deep within. He went to the Imagishpere where he's presumed Killed-In-Action by the tyrannical overlord Phrax. Thanks to our creative energies that charges the Imagisphere, Pooto was reborn, free from being a minion of Phrax & now trying to live a normal life to show that not all Remlesses aren't evil, just brainwashed by Phrax & the United Legion Of Universal Super Evil.

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DragonSnake9989 Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for adding the Kaurren Invaders to your group. :)
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Thanks for the request.
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Thanks for adding my Charmcaster pic to your gallery :)
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Can I aligning your group to my group?
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 12, 2015   Digital Artist
Say does anyone on here know ANY cartoons where the bad guys win???

Not all the time but there has to be at least one where the villains win, and i know the occasional villain does end up seeing the light and turning to the good side, but it does get extremely predictable just seeing the same old "Heroes saving the day in almost generic white knight fashion, while the villains end up either dead or in handcuffs" ending over and over again
SilverZeo Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Hobbyist
Team Rocket has a few of those, don't they?
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015   Digital Artist
ChronosCat Featured By Owner Edited Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, Xanatos from Gargoyles often had multiple objectives, so that the Gargoyles could beat the more obvious plot while he got what he really wanted. Of course by the end of the series he'd teamed up with the Gargoyles, but I wouldn't say he'd turned good so much as he decided it was more beneficial to him to have the Gargoyles on his side than to keep doing the sorts of things they objected to.

Also, in Reboot Megabyte achieved his goals of conquest in Season 3 (though he was overthrown by the end of the season).

Oh, and while it isn't technically a bad guy winning, if you want a change in pace from the "villains committing crime, heroes stopping them" dynamic, in the old 90s "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon (AKA "SatAM") Robotnik already ruled the planet at the start of the series, and while the heroes had a minor victory almost every episode, it wasn't until the final episode that they actually overthrew him.
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