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Bad Aran to Darth Arkyus by Alan-G-Brandon Saori Grave by Alan-G-Brandon

The fall of Aran & the rise of Darth Arkeyus

Even a friend can be an enemy

Empire of Tek Journal Log #76


4-2-2025 Techno Commander Rolph
I can remember the Battle of Wonkaville, we're fighting against Professor Charles Slugworth for total control of Wonkaville to stop the royal wedding of Princess Taylor & Hell Baron Snake. Slugworth thought that he'd the upper hand with his convict armies but we had a way bigger tricks up our gauntlets; hordes of prototype AT-STs & AT-ATs, the mere presence of the prototypes forced Slugworth's convicts to return to Iron Head Asylum For The Criminally Insane like mice, well, they weren't mice but, you get the idea. With the returned cowardices of Iron Head inmates & Slugworth's transfer to Extreme Isolation, we've thought all the convicts have returned to their cells in complete panic from our prototypes but 1, only 1 inmate remained at large; Aran Burandon. The departure of his newly married wife, Saori Shikijo was transferred to hospital for maternity with baby Charlie & Dot, Aran's heart consumed by hatred, believed that his wife was taken away from him forever, caused Aran turn evil, made his Wonka friends go into hiding. Sacke, with pure heroism of his Light Mira-Crystal told Aran that "Trevor IS evil!". Aran wasn't going to believe him & the two fought inside Wonkaville's volcano, Mt. Candy. They're fought in epic combat which left Sacke with a X-like scar on his face which made him a legend amongst his Star Ranger friends. Aran was left badly burned by the Mt. Candy's lava, costed cost him his left arm & his legs which're replaced by robotic replacements. Aran was strapped into a life support suit that turned him into Darth Arkeyus. When he founded out that Saori is pronounced dead due to childbirth, Trevor, now turned Empire of Tek Emperor, Rovert, Darth Arkeyus strucken with broken heart thought he killed Saori in his anger. Many months has passed, the heroic Dopple Troopers were long gone like a bad dream & along came the Techno Troopers, with better armour, better weapons & an awesome array of vehicles. We now belong to the glory that's the Empire of Tek.

Rovert: Lord Arkeyus..Can you hear me?
Darth Arkeyus: Yes master... Where is Saori? Is she safe? Is she alright?
Rovert: It seems in your anger..You killed her.
Darth Arkeyus: I..I couldn't! She was alive! I felt it! *He breaks free from his stretcher table*
Rovert: :iconevilgrin2plz:
Darth Arkeyus: NNNNOOOO!!!!
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Say does anyone on here know ANY cartoons where the bad guys win???

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Also, in Reboot Megabyte achieved his goals of conquest in Season 3 (though he was overthrown by the end of the season).

Oh, and while it isn't technically a bad guy winning, if you want a change in pace from the "villains committing crime, heroes stopping them" dynamic, in the old 90s "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon (AKA "SatAM") Robotnik already ruled the planet at the start of the series, and while the heroes had a minor victory almost every episode, it wasn't until the final episode that they actually overthrew him.
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